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Introducing John Watkin as SCF New CEO

John WatkinSCF is pleased to announce the appointment of John Watkin as new CEO, replacing John Newby who will continue to serve as Senior Advisor to the organization. It is anticipated that John Watkin will officially begin work on August 1, providing sufficient time to complete an orderly handover. 


News from the 8 recently translocated West African giraffes in Niger

8 West African giraffes (3 males and 5 females) (Giraffa camelopardalis peralta) were recently translocated from their current distribution zone, from the area of Kouré 60 km south-east of Niamey, to the Gadabedji Biosphere Reserve more than 800 kilometers away. As part of Niger’s national West African giraffe conservation strategy, the aim of this operation was to have a new population set in a secure and well-managed area - which is actually located within the former range area of the species.


Four Dama gazelles recently observed in Niger

The National Nature Reserve of Aïr and Ténéré in Niger is home to some iconic animal species - among which the dama gazelle (Nanger dama), one of the most endangered antelopes on the planet.


Due to human activity in the valleys – which sadly often results in more poaching - the dama gazelle has found refuge on the Takoloukouzet mountain, which is located in the reserve. The species is still listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ on the IUCN list with only a few hundred individuals still living in the wild.

North African ostrich recovery project: setting up new facilities

In partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN), a unique project has been undertaken to increase the number of North African ostriches born in captivity at the breeding center of Kellé, Niger, created by SCF a few years ago. More chicks mean more chance to achieve SCF’s ambitious goal to reintroduce the species into the wild. The recent installation of a solar-powered hatchery and incubation unit on site is now allowing the organization to get closer to this goal. 


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